Behavioural Consultations

Our aim is to help you boost the bond with your dog by creating clear communication and mutual understanding between you.

We will show you how to create a calm, attentive, and polite dog with our knowledge and experience of many different training methods.

We will consider all aspects of your dog’s life to help you resolve what has been impeding the success of your training previously, and how to move on to reach your goals. We focus on finding the cause of your dog’s behaviour problems, rather than merely treating the symptoms, to ensure long lasting results.

After your behaviour consultation, further sessions may be required to resolve the issue but we aim to solve any problems as promptly as possible.

If you wish, you can receive written notes on the discussed training approach and methods, as well as a step-by-step training plan which includes everything you’ll ever need to know about your dog!

No matter how many previous trainers you have seen, we can be your last!

To ask any questions please contact us.

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